Introduction to the 2001 Cyprus Business Guide

12th annual edition

Since 1989, the Cyprus Business Guide is acknowledged as a source of independent reference in all fields of the Cyprus economy for both local and overseas business executives and officials.

The endorsement by the President of the Republic of Cyprus is an important recognition of the publication’s capacity of portraying the promising future of Cyprus as a respectable financial jurisdiction for international business, especially now, that Cyprus is entering the European Union.

Collaboration with Cabinet Ministers, Members of Government, top executives, and specialists in the private sector ensures accuracy on all subjects covered throughout the years.

While this publication maintains an ongoing revision of the information and reference material therin, omissions and errors cannot be entirely eliminated from an independent, versatile reference source of this kind.

In view of this I would warmly welcome notification of any inaccuracies which you may find or, any suggestions calculated to increase its general usefulness.

My sincere appreciation for the interest expressed by our universal readers, to authors of contributed articles, editorial and our advertisers.

Yours Sincerely,

Mia Jensen
Cyprus Business Guide

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